The Systems Manager and Application Programming Interface (API) form the proprietary framework for collecting and managing 3D data from OPAL™ LiDAR sensors. Based on an open “publish-subscribe” architecture, the plug-in modules interact through a lightweight Ethernet-based data distribution service. This management structure allows the user to build applications that utilize only the required functionality for a specific application, and facilitate the scaling of applications from a single computing platform to a series of networked computers.

The System communicates and controls the OPAL™ LiDAR scanner to receive the raw scan data as a 3D point cloud for extraction of relevant information in real-time.  Leveraging the 3DRi™ plug-ins, the system is able to provide specific real-time 3D data processing functionality (such as geo-referencing, filtering, alignment, segmentation, object recognition, object tracking etc.) and publish the processed data for use by other plug-ins or the application itself.

Through the API and Web Engine, the user can easily load the data files into commercially available 3D point cloud processing software packages and supports various common 3D data formats (ASCII, PIF, and others).


The Viewer enables viewing of live or logged OPAL™ 3D scan data, including 3D point cloud visualization, data manipulation, range/elevation colourization, and basic size measurements of features in the data. The Viewer also integrates seamlessly with the System Manager/API for scanner control and management of the installed plug-ins.




3DRi™ Core Plug-ins

Optional plug-ins that provide core functionality most often used in 3D sensor applications.

3DRi™ Advanced Plug-ins

The advanced proprietary plug-ins have specialized functionality and features that are used by developers and integrators to create intelligent real-time applications.  Please contact Lumibird Canada to discuss your application needs.


The 3DRi™ open architecture framework, illustrated below, facilitates the integration of real-time applications by simplifying the development process. The framework uses an intuitive modular infrastructure as a development base for the application while optional 3DRi™ plug-ins provide readily accessible advanced functionality and features. Developers can focus on writing the application rather than developing algorithms to process raw 3D data into useful information.

Lumibird Canada will be happy to work with you to assist in the development of applications and solutions using the 3DRi framework and algorithms. Please contact us for further information.

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