Introducing the completely redesigned OPAL™ 3D LiDAR scanner from Lumibird. Based on the latest innovations in laser optics and intelligent 3D processing, the OPAL™ delivers an unprecedented combination of range, data density, acquisition speed, and obscurant-penetration capability in a smaller, lighter package. The result is one of the most powerful and versatile 3D LiDAR scanners for real-time robotics and autonomous systems specifically designed for harsh environments.


Designed for real-world, mission-critical autonomy applications. OPAL™ scanners are fully compatible with the 3DRi™ Software Development Kit (SDK), a library of proprietary algorithms to extract actionable information from the scanners in real-time.

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3DRi™ (3D Real-time intelligence) is a collection of highly efficient algorithms and software to extract actionable information from 3D sensor data in real-time and from moving platforms. This technology when combined with our OPAL™ sensors, allows a machine or system to perceive its environment, automatically recognize changes, and identify and track objects (e.g. obstacles) in real-time and while moving.


The 3DRi™ Software Development kit makes it easy to develop, integrate and support intelligent perception systems for various machine automation and industrial applications.  Real-time features such as automatic change detection, object recognition and tracking, or automatic scan alignment are all available to the Application Developer as simple, robust function calls.

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