Neptec Technologies Attends the Autonomous Ship Symposium

Last week, Neptec Technologies attended the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Symposium brings together ship designers, fleet owners, naval architects, classification societies, equipment manufacturers and maritime research organizations to discuss the technological, regulatory and legal developments necessary to make autonomous and unmanned ships a reality.

Neptec’s exhibit showcased our OPAL™ Marine LiDAR. OPAL™ Marine LiDAR is a long range 3D laser scanner which provides precise and accurate real-time position information of moving and stationary objects, infrastructure and coastline. It was a pleasure to meet and have discussions with so many people invested in advancing marine autonomy.

Some relevant key messages coming out of the Symposium were:

  • The market size for autonomous surface vessels is growing significantly,
  • End users are asking for greater levels of autonomy that will require better sensors,
  • Automation of onboard systems will be an important hurdle to overcome and this will require better sensors.

We are very excited about the future of marine autonomy and believe that the OPAL™ LiDAR’s long range and obscurant penetrating capabilities make it the ideal LiDAR for use in the maritime environment.


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