Security LiDAR

OPAL™ 3D LiDAR scanners and 3DRi™ software are uniquely suited for automatic intrusion detection and identification at facilities such as airports, nuclear power plants, and other high-value locations for safety and security. The detection system operates 24X7 day or night in all types of inclement weather and requires little to no maintenance. Types of intrusion include persons, ground vehicles, or aerial conveyance such as drones or UAVs.

As the OPAL™ and 3DRi™ architecture is very flexible, Neptec Technologies offers customized scanner performance and packaging to meet your specific application requirements.


Change Detection

OPAL™ LiDAR is capable of creating very detailed scans of its environment. When new objects, such as a person or a vehicle enter the LiDAR FOV, the 3DRi™ Software can track and alert the target’s position and heading. The OPAL™ LiDAR can detect objects as small as a plastic drone, or as large as imaginable. The material of the object or whether its night or day plays no part in the OPAL’s capabilities as it is an active scanner that isn’t affected by lighting conditions. OPAL™ LiDAR can be the perfect complement to your perimeter security system.

Drone Detection

OPAL™ LiDAR is capable of detecting small drones out to a range of several hundred meters. As the OPAL™ LiDAR is very capable of removing a background scene as part of its change detection capabilities, it is the perfect solution for detecting drones in urban or cluttered environments. The 3DRi software can detect and track countless threats with unique identifiers. This helps manage the threat of swarms of drones by being able to know the movement of each drone individually.


  • Excellent accuracy
    - Distinguish individual targets
    - Discern threat size and heading
    - Detect very small changes in the environment
  • 3D and intensity point returns
  • Minimal returns off water - clutter elimination with filtering
  • Ability to scan non-metallic objects
  • Rugged all weather operations; operates in: rain, snow, hail, smoke, dust, fog
  • Active sensing – Not affected by lighting conditions
  • Customizable FOV options
  • Easily geo-register points in real-time
  • High resilience to spoofing, jamming, or any other interference
  • Low power
  • Low bandwidth
  • Small form factor
  • Quiet operation
  • Long life
  • Low servicing requirements


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