Perimeter Security Market Set To Grow

Aeroplane taking off behind fence

Perimeter security refers to systems that help detect and prevent unauthorized physical intrusions. These include video surveillance, access control, communication and notification, and intrusion detection solutions. In recent times, intrusion detection systems have relied heavily on people or on automated technologies to monitor camera feeds to detect unwanted access. Given the variety of lighting conditions; from staring into sunlight to night-time conditions with minimal ambient light, the lack of resolution to detect objects at distance, or the sheer number of cameras that require monitoring, it’s clear that camera-based detection systems are not ideally suited for large facilities.

Emerging technology solutions are turning to LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) to assist in the detection of objects under these conditions. LiDAR systems, such as Neptec’s rugged OPAL™ 3D LiDAR, are able to scan in all weather and in any lighting conditions, as they provide their own light source. LiDAR is extremely accurate and provides high resolution 3D imagery that is able to detect small objects at hundreds of meters. LiDAR can provide smaller, focused coverage in high risk locations or cover large perimeter areas with multiple, hardware installations that are fused into a single monitoring solution.


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